Bespoke Training

Putting you in complete control of the design, content and delivery of your training and developement needs.

Delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals our training provides you with total flexibility and excellent value for money

Flexibility and Choice

Decide upon the subject area, length, time and location of training

Choose the level you require the course to be delivered at (introductory, intermediate or advanced)

Personalise the course by specifying your learning objectives, and mix and match content to meet these objectives

Select your preferred method of course delivery whether it be through presentations, workshops, case studies, role play or a mixture of these

Excellent Value for Money

Because the training is delivered ‘in house’ your delegates do not incur the additional, and often forgotten, costs associated with travel and accommodation

As our fees are for the training element , it makes sound economic sense to fill the course with as many delegates from your organisation and top up with a number of delegates from elsewhere. Typical course sizes range from 25 to 30 delegates which makes the cost per delegate extremely attractive

Our ‘Taylor Made’ service ensures you receive

What You Need, delivered When and Where You Require it